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San Jacinto Weather Station Damaged in Sunday Sandstorm (updated)

Posted October 22, 2007, 2:43 PM.

Damaging winds estimated at 80 mph or more Sunday evening have rendered some of the San Jacinto weather instruments inoperable.

According to an on-site report, the anemometer is clogged with sand (and therefore inoperable), and the rain gauge has been torn from its mount.

The rain gauge has been giving false readings when the station returned online Monday from a power outage. Wind speeds have been registering as "calm".

As a result of the damage only temperature and humidity data are currently working from the site.

Repairs to the station's instruments will be made when practical.

Around San Jacinto, there was a lot of damage from the high winds and blowing sand. Power transformers were blown, trees were split in two or uprooted in spots. Power lines were down in some locations and some homes and businesses were without power Monday.

During the height of Sunday's sandstorm, vehicles were escorted on State Street to Ramona expressway by San Jacinto Police and Fire vehicles, as well the California Highway Patrol.

As of Monday afternoon numerous businesses were closed due to the lack of electricity. Some exceptions were a floral shop and E&E Tires, which used generators to stay open.

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