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WeatherCurrents Announces Hemet, California Internet Weather Site

CONTACT: John Toman

(HEMET, CA, June 10, 2004) - WeatherCurrents today announces the availability of near-real time, online weather and weather news for Hemet, California. The new website, customized for Hemet, can be reached at (or and complements WeatherCurrents' other local weather sites nearby in Temecula and Murrieta.

The Hemet weather station is owned and operated by Robert Leonard, and is located in the eastern part of Hemet. Leonard has also operated for the past year and half. Data capture is accomplished on the same quality Peet Bros. equipment uses by all of the WeatherCurrents sites. Leonard hooked up with WeatherCurrents in March of this year, and his entire archive of Hemet weather samples has been imported into the WeatherCurrents database, providing high quality past weather and climate data back to January of 2003.

Leonard has had a lifelong interest in weather. "As a child I received a wall hanging weather unit. It displayed temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. I was fascinated by it and started tracking highs, lows and trends every day. Several years after that I wrote a program on an Apple II, my first weather forecasting program. The program would show trends and try to predict upcoming weather. It didn't work all that well, but in California, sunny and warm is usually pretty accurate!"

"As an adult I have traveled around the world, and in every place I visited I found myself fascinated with the local weather and its patterns, be it blizzards in North Dakota, tornados in Kansas, hurricanes on the Southeastern coast of the United states, or typhoons in Taiwan. After buying a home in Hemet, the town I grew up in, I finally upgraded my childhood weather station to a real weather station, and with the help of the Internet I am able to share that data to anybody who, like me, wants to see what our local weather is doing."

"Hemet gets WeatherCurrents another step closer to providing comprehensive weather coverage in the inland southern California area," said John Toman, owner and operator of WeatherCurrents. "And it gives the residents of the Hemet a true, accurate local weather portal."

The new Hemet site provides a current weather feed (updated every 30 seconds), forecast data, past weather and climate data, and weather news and features. The internet site is locally edited by Leonard and maintained daily. "These are all of the quality local features that have differentiated our other sites enabled them to grow dramatically in popularity over the past three years," said Toman. "Each site is unique."

"John shares my passion not only for Weather, and for sharing the data he's collected to not only improve weather forecasting at professional level, but to bring our communities closer to weather events that happen here and now," said Leonard, when asked about why he's decided to contribute to the WeatherCurrents weather network. "Weather forecasts for Hemet seen on TV and in the newspapers are currently created by taking weather from Riverside and Palm Springs and 'guessing' what it should be like in Hemet, based on the weather patterns of those remote cities. With WeatherCurrents' software and my weather station's data we can now provide a personal, accurate and truly local weather picture."

"WeatherCurrents has plans to expand our local weather network in 2004 to Fallbrook, Wildomar, Menifee/Sun City, and possibly French Valley and Lake Elsinore" said Toman. "We are actively looking for local homes or businesses in the Lake Elsinore and French Valley communities that might be interested in hosting our weather equipment." Persons in those communities interested in local weather that also have an always-on internet connection should contact WeatherCurrents for additional details.

WeatherCurrents is a small internet weather Media Company locally owned and based in Temecula, California. WeatherCurrents uses only Peet Bros. Ultimeter weather equipment for accurate, high quality weather data. WeatherCurrents is on the internet at This press release is available online at

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