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Storm Totals: February 21st-27th, 2023

By Reginald Stanley. Posted February 28, 2023, 6:47 PM.

A series of storms, some of them abnormally cold, brought extensive rain and mountain snow to the region beginning on February 21 and continuing through the end of the month.

A batch of cold but somewhat weak storms brought cold, wind and rain to the region between February 21 and 24. For WeatherCurrents' northernmost stations in Simi Valley and Pinon Hills, February 24 marked the beginning of a particularly cold and very wet storm that most of the rest of the region experienced on February 25. For most locations, the totals from this storm were higher than any other period in February. Additional storms, also cold but not nearly as wet, continued to hit the region one after another from February 26 onwards, with the region bracing for yet another cold and wet storm late on February 28 and continuing into March 1. Snow levels for these storms varied but were generally quite low, averaging around 3,000 feet as a whole. On February 25, temperatures remained unusually cold across the Inland Empire throughout the day, with most valley locations stuck between the upper 30s and mid 40s during heavy rain mid-day. This allowed snow to fall as low as roughly 1,500 feet above sea level in some parts of the region, with snow reported along Interstate 210 near Rialto, as well as Colton near San Bernardino.

Cumulative storm totals for the period of February 21 through February 27 ranged between 1.5 inches and 3 inches for most WeatherCurrents stations, although notably wet exceptions included Murrieta and Simi Valley - the latter location received an incredible 5.47 inches of rain during this period. In Yucaipa, 3.36 inches was reported through the end of February 27 (courtesy of Don Kramer). In Temecula Valley's Wine Country, 2.83 inches had been recorded through February 26 (courtesy of Jim Sappington). Storm totals were not as impressive in the eastern valleys, including February 25, however these storms still pushed most communities above-average for February and the season as a whole. Totals for February 28 are not yet included due to another storm moving into the region on this day, and will be published separately after the storm has concluded. Due to snow accumulation at WeatherCurrents' stations in Anza and Pinon Hills, storm totals may not yet be accurate there until snow melts.

Here are the rain totals for the WeatherCurrents network and associates:

Location Feb 21-24 Feb 25 Feb 26-27 Storm Season Source
Simi Valley 3.47"  1.71"  0.29"  5.47"  17.77"  WeatherCurrents
Northwest Murrieta 1.10"  2.22"  0.30"  3.62"  17.64"  WeatherCurrents
Yucaipa 1.39"  1.34"  0.64"  3.36"  N/A Don Kramer
Lake Elsinore 1.09"  1.71"  0.20"  3.00"  18.34"  WeatherCurrents
Pinon Hills 1.42"  0.69"  0.73"  2.84"1  11.49"  WeatherCurrents
Temecula Valley Wine Country 1.01"  1.71"  0.11"2  2.83"  18.72"  Jim Sappington
South Temecula 0.83"  1.68"  0.31"  2.82"  15.16"  WeatherCurrents
Central Murrieta 0.84"  1.37"  0.26"  2.47"  14.22"  Reginald Stanley
French Valley 0.79"  1.20"  0.37"  2.36"  14.21"  WeatherCurrents
South Fallbrook 0.68"  1.38"  0.25"  2.31"  15.61"  WeatherCurrents
East Hemet 0.57"  0.67"  0.49"  1.73"  13.11"  WeatherCurrents
San Jacinto 0.60"  0.90"  0.14"  1.64"  9.96"  WeatherCurrents
Perris 0.48"  1.08"  0.05"  1.61"  8.30"3  WeatherCurrents
Moreno Valley N/A 1.39"  0.15"  1.54"  N/A WeatherCurrents
Anza 0.76"  0.31"  0.46"  1.53"1  13.38"  WeatherCurrents
  1. Totals for Anza and Pinon Hills may not be accurate due to snow accumulation.
  2. Total does not include February 27.
  3. Perris season total likely incomplete.
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