Currently 71°F in Fallbrook, California, USA
74°F / 70°F
Friday, September 18, 2020 6:16 AM PDT

Fallbrook, California Climate Summary

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Month    High    Low    Average    Precipitation
January    68.0°F (20.0°C)    49.0°F (9.4°C)    57.0°F (13.9°C)    3.08" (78.2 mm)
February    67.6°F (19.8°C)    48.0°F (8.9°C)    56.3°F (13.5°C)    3.10" (78.6 mm)
March    69.8°F (21.0°C)    49.5°F (9.7°C)    58.0°F (14.5°C)    1.57" (39.9 mm)
April    72.9°F (22.7°C)    51.8°F (11.0°C)    60.7°F (15.9°C)    1.02" (26.0 mm)
May    74.6°F (23.7°C)    55.3°F (13.0°C)    63.1°F (17.3°C)    0.54" (13.7 mm)
June    79.5°F (26.4°C)    58.5°F (14.7°C)    66.6°F (19.2°C)    0.04" (0.9 mm)
July    84.8°F (29.3°C)    62.6°F (17.0°C)    71.2°F (21.8°C)    0.06" (1.4 mm)
August    86.1°F (30.1°C)    63.2°F (17.3°C)    72.0°F (22.2°C)    0.04" (1.1 mm)
September    85.3°F (29.6°C)    61.8°F (16.5°C)    71.0°F (21.7°C)    0.15" (3.8 mm)
October    79.7°F (26.5°C)    58.1°F (14.5°C)    66.7°F (19.3°C)    1.06" (26.8 mm)
November    74.0°F (23.4°C)    53.0°F (11.7°C)    61.6°F (16.4°C)    1.30" (32.8 mm)
December    66.5°F (19.2°C)    48.1°F (9.0°C)    55.9°F (13.3°C)    3.16" (80.2 mm)

The Fallbrook weather pages are a service of WeatherCurrents. Fallbrook, California is located in northern San Diego County, close to I15 and Camp Pendleton, and is home to ranches, avocado and citrus groves, and plant nurseries.
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