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9:20am: CalTrans has decided to shut down one lane of Interstate 15 northbound south of the Highway 79 exit in Temecula as a precaution, according to a story in The Californian this morning. A mudslide below the freeway onto the Temecula Creek golf course has undermined the road. A blocked drainpipe caused rainwaters to saturate the soil instead of running off. The lane may be closed two weeks while CalTrans repairs the slope.
Other roads that remain closed include Pauba Road east of Temecula, Pala Road south of Temecula (repairs there are underway), and the Ortega Highway between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano.
4:50pm: Prado Dam in the Corona area has been reportedly shored up, the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, and Highway 71 has reopened this afternoon.
1:45pm: There are news reports today of a minor leak in the Prado Dam, which holds back the Santa Ana River in the Corona area, near the intersections of Highway 71 and Highway 91. The area has been evacuated as a precaution, and Highway 71 is closed in both directions.
11:10pm: The heavy rainfall story has been updated with more road closings, some pictures, the reopening of Highway 79 South in Temecula, other online news articles, and more.
1:10pm: A feature story on this weekend's heavy rainfall has been posted.
5:20pm: A particularly heavy band of rain is currently hitting the Fallbrook area, accompanied with wind gusts to 30 mph. Lightning and thunder have been reported with this latest deluge.

WeatherCurrents' mobile site has been updated today with increased forecast information, as well as some of the past weather information. This is the first real update in quite some time.

9:20am: The owner and operator of, John Toman, was interviewed this week for a radio program that will air this Sunday between 7:00am and 7:30am on local Temecula radio stations 94.5 and 103.3.

This morning's earthquake felt in parts of southwestern Riverside County at about 6:35am was 4.4 on the richter scale and centered in Fontana up in San Bernardino County. See the Southern California Earthquake Data Center for details.

11:15am: Rainfall reports for Tuesday's and Wednesday's storm from the Fallbrook area:
Location Storm  Source
Winterwarm 3.67" WeatherCurrents
Winterwarm 4.10" Dan Townley
De Luz 3.00" Steve Rhodes
8:30am: A serendipitous series of events in De Luz should lead to a WeatherCurrents weather site for the hills north of Fallbrook in early January. Sue and Dave Painter have purchased a compatible weather station and are planning on hooking it into the WeatherCurrents network after it's installed. It will be interesting to compare and contrast De Luz weather to Fallbrook.
12:00pm: Links to the National Weather Service's soaring forecast have been restored on all of the sites. They had been previously lost in the NWS web site redesign this past summer.
7:15am: The Press-Enterprise reported yesterday (note: registration required to read the story) that the fire season has officially ended in southern California, something that was widely expected after the frequent rainfall. In northern California, the fire season had been declared over in October.
8:42pm: Frost Warning: A cold night is in store, and scattered frost is predicted in the Fallbrook area tomorrow morning. Currently a low temperature of 32°F is predicted.
9:36am: Rainfall reports for this past Sunday:
Location Storm  Source
Winterwarm 0.52" WeatherCurrents
Winterwarm 0.57" Dan Townley
11:07am: Scott Chester has confirmed that there was no snow today in the vicinity of the Fallbrook weather station in the Winterwarm area.
10:23am: Those interested can read about this morning's snowfall in southwestern Riverside County. No confirmation from any of you in Fallbrook yet today as to whether or not it has snowed there. Snow has been confirmed in De Luz, however.
7:45am: Snow!? Snow has been falling in the Temecula Valley this morning. If you've seen snow in the Fallbrook area today, please tell us.
7:55am: Rainfall reports for the Fallbrook area for the recent storm:
Location Storm  Source
Winterwarm 0.34" WeatherCurrents
Winterwarm 0.45" Dan Townley
6:25am: Once again, if you've recorded rainfall from Sunday and Monday's storm, please submit your totals and we will publish them here tonight. Please include your location (including major cross streets).
9:05am: Rainfall reports for the Fallbrook area:
Location Storm  October  Source
Winterwarm 3.05" 7.70" WeatherCurrents
Winterwarm 3.42" 7.68" Dan Townley
7:50am: If you've recorded rainfall from this past storm, please submit your totals and we will run them here perhaps tomorrow. Please include your location (including major cross streets). Also, any storm-related pictures would be appreciated; a feature story on the record October rainfall is coming soon.
6:30am: An early morning thunderstorm has left nearly half an inch of rain in Temecula and Fallbrook, and a lesser amount in Murrieta, and may have woken some people early.
9:40pm: Today's rainfall total of 2.17" so far is the most ever recorded by in its five year history, beating 1.99" on February 25, 2003. Today's total of 3.06" in Murrieta is the highest one day rainfall recorded by any of WeatherCurrents' sites.
6:45am: Areas susceptible to flooding will likely be flooded this morning after heavy rainfall this morning. Exercise care driving today; conditions will be treacherous.
6:45am: Areas susceptible to flooding will likely be flooded this morning after heavy rainfall this morning. Exercise care driving today; conditions will be treacherous.
3:50pm: This past weekend we began showing sunrise and sunset information on all WeatherCurrents sites. This information is located in the "Currently" section on each main page, underneath "Temperature, Humidity, Wind & Pressure". There is some (but very little) variability of times between the various communities. Note that the times are based on a flat horizon. Hills in some communities will cause the actual sunrise to be later and the actual sunset to be sooner.
3:35pm: After a week of wet weather and between 2 and 5 inches of rain in San Diego and Riverside counties, fire season in the northern part of California has been declared over, but fire units are still on alert in our region. Fire officials are warning that one strong Santa Ana wind event could dry out vegetation. We've also finally released a chronology of significant wildfires in Southwest Riverside County and the Fallbrook area.
1:25pm: Bird droppings alert! Some of today's rain at the Fallbrook weather station was held up by a clog in the rain gauge. The clog has been cleared and the water has gone through. As a result, hourly records for last night and this morning may not be accurate until noontime.
10:15am: New today is the current local weather roundup page. For those who would like to see current information for all of WeatherCurrents' weather sites, including temperatures, rainfall and wind data, the new page offers a convenient one stop summary.
3:15pm: The National Weather Service has updated their forecast for this weekend. Rain is likely west of the mountains for late Saturday night and Sunday morning. Up to half an inch is possible. A tropical system is being tracked, and if moisture from it mixes in, totals could be higher.
9:55am: The National Weather Service links have been updated to new equivalents, where possible. They'd all broken earlier this week as a result of a web site reorganization. Gone for now is the soaring forecast; it'll be restored as soon as we can figure out where it went.
5:53pm: The custom graphics for the Fallbrook weather site are completed and now showing.
7:20am: Problems with the wind sensor have been corrected and the directional reading should be correct.
3:50pm: Problems have been discovered with the wind sensor (anemometer) for Fallbrook. It seems to be reading easterly when it should read westerly. We're hoping to discover the source of the problem and correct it soon.
11:00am: Today is the third anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on our nation. So many ordinary people made sacrifices that day to save others. We will never forget.
10:15am: Although there aren't any older Augusts to base on, temperatures this past August were likely milder than usual in the Fallbrook area. August in Fallbrook was definitely cooler than July in any event. In nearby Temecula, this past August was the mildest in at least six years. Early September predictions indicate potential for above normal temperatures.
9:58am: This morning's eight hour service outage was caused by faulty software on the web server. Apologies if you were trying to access the web server before 8:30am this morning, when the problem was resolved.
11:54pm: Links to the Fallbrook site are being made available tonight.
11:25am: Wind data has been online since Saturday. The wind sensor cable is too short and will need to be replaced with a longer one soon, but that makes the Fallbrook weather station feature complete. Graphics are coming, and a sneak peek site launch will occur this week, with a full launch and announcement probably next week.
11:35pm: The data on the server has been reset and temperature, humidity and barometric pressure from the Fallbrook weather station are now accurate. Precipitation and wind data will follow in the next couple of weeks. This site remains a work in progress, with an official launch two to three weeks away.

The Fallbrook weather pages are a service of WeatherCurrents. Fallbrook, California is located in northern San Diego County, close to I15 and Camp Pendleton, and is home to ranches, avocado and citrus groves, and plant nurseries.
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