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Weather Data Feed Restored

Posted May 20, 2005, 1:55 PM.

Weather data from Sun City resumed around noon on Friday when the capture computer was replaced. Down time from this outage was about three and a half days.

Capture computers are used by WeatherCurrents to translate weather data from the weather station into packets on the internet, that the web server can understand.

Because the capture computer had trouble, data was not archived during the outage, and so all the weather data for Tuesday through Friday morning was lost. Internet outages are more common, and recovery from them is built into the WeatherCurrents software.

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The Menifee, California weather pages are a service of WeatherCurrents. The City of Menifee consists of the communities of Menifee, Sun City and Quail Valley and is located in in southwestern Riverside County, California, north of Murrieta, south of Perris and east of Canyon Lake.
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