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Storm totals update: December 17th-21st, 2010

Posted December 21, 2010, 7:21 PM.

Heavy rain continued Tuesday as a long, strong, broad storm continued to lash Southern California's inland valleys. Rain continued to fall without pause Tuesday.

The continuing rain caused numerous problems, including highway closures, auto accidents, and river rescues. With the ground thoroughly saturated, all of the new rainfall was runoff. But despite 4-10 inches of rain, major flooding has not been reported in the region.

Snow levels sunk to 6,000 feet Tuesday and there were reports of heavy snowfall at the mountain resorts.

Tuesday, the winter solstice marked the seventh straight day of rain. A total lunar eclipse later Tuesday night over North America was likely not going to be visible due to overcast skies.

Once again, rainfall predictions were exceeded on Tuesday. A day ago, an estimated 1.5" to 2" was left in the storm. Rain was still falling steadily at 7pm, and totals for the day to date ranged from 1.31" in Riverside to 2.39" in in Fallbrook, with light to moderate rain still falling.

The totals were generally more even among the 13 WeatherCurrents stations on Tuesday, compared to previous days.

Rain from the current front was expected to end Tuesday night, and was to be followed by a much colder front coming in from the northwest by Wednesday morning. The mixture of remnants from the subtropical plume with the colder air could result in scattered thunderstorms and hail Wednesday, but mainly numerous showers, tapering off by Wednesday evening.

WeatherCurrents' Murrieta and Moreno Valley weather stations had rain gauge clogs during the storm and their totals have been corrected.

The following rainfall totals were recorded for the storm (Tuesday's totals are through 7pm):

Location Storm  Fri-Sat Sunday Monday Tuesday Season  Source
De Luz 10.45"  1.42"  3.81"  3.07"  2.15"  16.40"  WeatherCurrents
Lake Elsinore 8.37"  0.89"  2.56"  3.10"  1.82"  11.55"  WeatherCurrents
Temecula Valley Wine Country 6.86"  0.60"  1.45"  4.02"  0.79"  10.69"  Jim Sappington
South Temecula 6.73"  0.50"  1.14"  2.80"  2.29"  10.03"  WeatherCurrents
South Fallbrook 6.44"  0.59"  1.92"  1.54"  2.39"  11.29"  WeatherCurrents
Wildomar 6.23"  0.42"  1.84"  2.48"  1.69"  8.29"1  WeatherCurrents
Northwest Murrieta 6.03"2  0.39"  0.25"  3.45"  1.94"  8.37"  WeatherCurrents
Moreno Valley 5.73"3  0.06"  1.14"  3.12"  1.41"  8.33"  WeatherCurrents
French Valley 5.16"  0.55"  0.56"  2.27"  1.78"  7.61"  WeatherCurrents
Eastern Murrieta 4.78"  0.49"  0.63"  2.01"  1.65"  7.70"  Reginald Stanley
San Jacinto 4.75"  0.67"  0.68"  1.87"  1.53"  7.11"4  WeatherCurrents
East San Jacinto 4.75"  0.72"  N/A  1.85"  2.18"  7.89"  Monty Parrott
Riverside (Canyon Crest) 4.73"  0.20"  1.17"  2.05"  1.31"  6.85"  WeatherCurrents
Perris 4.66"  0.44"  0.65"  1.96"  1.61"  6.73"  WeatherCurrents
Menifee 4.06"  0.36"  0.43"  1.58"  1.69"  6.45"  WeatherCurrents
East Hemet 3.90"  0.60"  0.11"  1.69"  1.50"  7.03"  WeatherCurrents
  1. Wildomar totals are not complete for October.
  2. Murrieta totals were corrected for Monday due to a rain gauge clog.
  3. Moreno Valley totals were corrected for Sunday and Monday due to a rain gauge clog.
  4. San Jacinto totals are not complete for November.

Totals in De Luz, Fallbrook and Hemet are confirmed against manual rain gauges at each site.

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