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Tuesday, October 16, 2018 1:36 PM PDT

Older Menifee/Sun City Weather News

Editor's Note: Newer news items are available.

9:20am: CalTrans has decided to shut down one lane of Interstate 15 northbound south of the Highway 79 exit in Temecula as a precaution, according to a story in The Californian this morning. A mudslide below the freeway onto the Temecula Creek golf course has undermined the road. A blocked drainpipe caused rainwaters to saturate the soil instead of running off. The lane may be closed two weeks while CalTrans repairs the slope.
Other roads that remain closed include Pauba Road east of Temecula, Pala Road south of Temecula (repairs there are underway), and the Ortega Highway between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano.
4:50pm: Prado Dam in the Corona area has been reportedly shored up, the mandatory evacuation has been lifted, and Highway 71 has reopened this afternoon.
1:45pm: There are news reports today of a minor leak in the Prado Dam, which holds back the Santa Ana River in the Corona area, near the intersections of Highway 71 and Highway 91. The area has been evacuated as a precaution, and Highway 71 is closed in both directions.
11:10pm: The heavy rainfall story has been updated with more road closings, some pictures, the reopening of Highway 79 South in Temecula, other online news articles, and more.
1:10pm: A feature story on this weekend's heavy rainfall has been posted.
5:20pm: A particularly heavy band of rain is currently hitting the Menifee Valley, accompanied with wind gusts to 30 mph. Lightning and thunder have been reported from multiple sources, and the power in the Temecula Valley and the Menifee Valley has fluctuated with a couple of the lightning hits.

WeatherCurrents' mobile site has been updated today with increased forecast information, as well as some of the past weather information. This is the first real update in quite some time.

Installation of the Lake Elsinore weather station began yesterday in spite of the rain. With some luck, perhaps weather data will be on the site for Lake Elsinore as early as next weekend.

9:20am: The owner and operator of, John Toman, was interviewed this week for a radio program that will air this Sunday between 7:00am and 7:30am on local Temecula radio stations 94.5 and 103.3.

This morning's earthquake felt in parts of southwestern Riverside County at about 6:35am was 4.4 on the richter scale and centered in Fontana up in San Bernardino County. See the Southern California Earthquake Data Center for details.

2:15pm: Street flooding has been reported in some areas of Sun City. Areas to avoid include McCall Boulevard near the Menifee Valley Hospital and parts of Sun City Boulevard. Thanks to Katy Parkhurst for this report.
10:35am: The data feed from the Menifee Valley is currently down due to an internet outage. Weather data is still being captured; it just can't get to web site. We're hoping service can be restored soon.
1:12pm: 2003's Mountain fire was finally determined to have been caused by a wellhead electrical malfunction on De Portola Road, east of Temecula.
12:00pm: Links to the National Weather Service's soaring forecast have been restored on all of the sites. They had been previously lost in the NWS web site redesign this past summer.
7:15am: The Press-Enterprise reported yesterday (note: registration required to read the story) that the fire season has officially ended in southern California, something that was widely expected after the frequent rainfall. In northern California, the fire season had been declared over in October.
10:13pm: Frost Warning: For the third morning in a row, widespread frost is predicted in the Menifee Valley, although temperatures are predicted to be a couple of degrees warmer than the previous two mornings.
12:45pm: This morning was basically a repeat of yesterday morning's freezing temperatures in southwest Riverside County. The low in Menifee Valley today was 27.2°F, compared to 26.4°F yesterday.
10:13pm: Frost/Freeze Warning: For the second morning in a row, several hours of freezing temperatures and widespread frost are predicted.
3:12pm: This morning was the coldest in more than two and half years in southwest Riverside County. This morning's low of 28.6°F in Temecula was the coldest since 25.4°F was recorded on January 31, 2002. Michael Mojarro reported 27.1°F in northeastern Temecula this morning. Murrieta's low was 28.7°F and Menifee Valley recorded a chilling 26.4°F. Temperatures were below freezing for several hours this morning in the Temecula and Menifee valleys.
8:42pm: Frost/Freeze Warning: A cold night is in store, and frost is predicted to be widespread in the Menifee Valley tomorrow morning. Currently a low temperature of 33°F is predicted, but colder temperatures in the 20's are possible.

Because temperatures may be below freezing for more than a couple of hours in some spots, a freeze warning is in effect. Some sensitive plants may not survive without protection.

7:40am: Snow near Murrieta and Scott Road was reported to have stayed around all day Sunday. Pictures are still being added to the WeatherCurrents feature story on our white Sunday.
10:30am: Snowfall is also reported in Sun City this morning, although it's melted already. Read about this morning's snow.
9:15am: Snowfall has been confirmed in the south Menifee Valley this morning. Accumulations are more than one inch in places.
7:45am: Snow!? Snow has been falling in the Temecula Valley this morning. If you've seen snow in the Menifee Valley today, please tell us.
9:45am: There are currently problems with data reaching the web site from the Menifee Valley. We're investigating, and hope to have weather data flowing again as soon as possible.
6:25am: Once again, if you've recorded rainfall from Sunday and Monday's storm, please submit your totals and we will publish them here tonight. Please include your location (including major cross streets).
8:15am: Mobile weather data for the Menifee Valley, accessible from cell phones, is now online.
6:30am: The offshore wind event yesterday was fairly mild as they go, with maximum wind gusts reaching only 22 mph in Temecula, 27 mph in Murrieta, and 21 mph in the Menifee Valley.The winds seem to have peaked yesterday afternoon.
6:50pm: The wind sensor (anemometer) installation was completed today and wind data is now online. This completes the sensor suite for Menifee/Sun City. Some links need to be completed, then the official unveiling will probably be the middle of next week.
6:45am: Areas susceptible to flooding will likely be flooded this morning after heavy rainfall this morning. Exercise care driving today; conditions will be treacherous.
1:30pm: Weather data (except wind) is now streaming from the Menifee Valley to the web site. Installation of the wind sensor is scheduled for October 30th. An official site launch is scheduled for October 31st. Until then, content on this weather site might be rough.

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