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Cajon Pass snowfall pictures: February 19th

Posted February 25, 2011, 11:41 PM.

The following are a few pictures from a passenger in a car traveling through the Cajon Pass last weekend, in the afternoon.

Rain was increasing up there, and turned quickly to snowfall in the upper parts of the pass. As can be seen from Interstate 15, although snow was falling at a decent enough rate to turn the sides of the road white, it was not yet accumulating heavily enough on the road for chains to be required.

This motorist made it through the Victor Valley, where the snowfall quickly stopped as the elevation declined.

The Cajon Pass connects the San Bernardino Valley with the Victor Valley in the Mohave Desert, and has a peak elevation of 4,190 feet (1,280 meters).

Thanks to Amber Roni for the photos.

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